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At HPI Canada we have a mission to supply our customers with quality products and a keen understanding of their applications, that will enable them to improve their final product and take it to a higher level of quality and efficiency to succeed in the industry.



HPI Canada is always looking for talented individuals to join our allstar team of employees. Hydroperfect International Canada is part of our larger HPI family, and by working with us you are aligning yourself with a hard-working team of individuals located across the globe.

At HPI we want to empower you to be able to operate at your highest potential. To accomplish that, we provide a structured training and knowledge-passing program to help alleviate difficulties around your transition to working with us. We support continued growth and provide opportunities for advancement based on your contributions to the HPI  family.

As we work in a high paced technical environment, it's imperative that our employees can maintain a high standard of professional motivation while consistently maintaing a positive attitude. Our team works best when everyone is empowered by each other, and to accomplish that we require individuals of high emotional character. If you have great attention to detail, communication skills, and a willingness to learn you may be a great fit with us at HPI Canada.‚Äč

We are a family that values innovation and consistent excellence in our products and that can only comes to life thanks to our network of employees. Our employees are just as valuable to us as our customers, and we intend to treat you with the same level of dedication that we treat our clients.

Please contact us directly to find out what positions we have available.