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At HPI Canada we have a mission to supply our customers with quality products and a keen understanding of their applications, that will enable them to improve their final product and take it to a higher level of quality and efficiency to succeed in the industry.

About Us

HPI Canada is dedicated to providing you with top class hydraulic components, supported by our world-renowned and knowledgeable team of professionals. For two decades, HPI Canada has been an expert in hydraulic components, providing clients access to our expertise. Our pumps and motors are designed utilizing only the highest quality of materials and manufactured via only the most efficient modern production practices, meaning you can be confident in the excellence of our product line.

With over hundreds of employees working with our mother corporation across the globe, there should be no question regarding the unchallenged level of support and experience we bring to the hydraulics industry.

We specialize in Hydraulic Components

We are supported by a technical center of many engineers and technicians; our ability to adapt and integrate new hydraulic, electromechanical, and electronic technologies is one of the reasons we are so effective at what we do.

We create an invaluable partnership with and every one of our clients. We want your business to be as successful as it possibly can be. That’s why we put all our resources to work creating the strongest global infrastructure we can to offer you an unprecedented level of support and experience with your product. We care about hydraulics and it shows through our performance. Work with us to acquire the right hydraulic machines or replacement parts for your next project and find out why we are the best.