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Our hydraulic products at HPI Canada are applicable to a wide variety of industries and uses. Following is only a small selection of the industries we serve with hydraulic products. Feel free to contact us regarding questions or concerns with applications of our products.


Our state of the art pump systems are utilized within the aeronautic industry for both civil and military applications. Large vehicles such as helicopters, fighter planes, and other military vehicles rely on our technology to ensure their consistent performance. This industry relies on the most cutting edge technology as operational reliability is paramount, and our hydraulic products more than meet the task.



Our hydraulic machines provide consistency and power to a wide variety of agricultural machines. A variety of lifting and tool systems utilized within the agricultural industry benefit from our hydraulic products, including harvest toppers, scrub clearing machines, log splitters, post drivers, tractors, and more.


Material Handling

Many different industries require material handling solutions throughout their day to day operations. Our hydraulic components help power forklifts and other lifting systems of both stationary (AC) and mobile (DC) handling varities. As the weight of future materials is often unknown, it's imperative the lift hydraulics are both powerful and consistent. HPI provides hydraulic gear pumps and motors already utilized in the toughest of conditions.


We are proud at HPI Canada to say we have a long history and partnership with the passenger transportation industry. Our hydraulic motors are utilized in a variety of manners within this particular field, helping drivers nationwide with power assisted steering, hydrostatic transmission, and electro-hydraulic driven cooling systems. 


When you are working with peoples lives on a daily basis, only the most reliable products and components suffice. HPI Canada has been providing a variety of hydraulic componenets for the medical industry for many years. Our hydraulic motors can be found in operating tables, devices related to disabled assistance, and others.

Machine Tools

HPI Canada parts and expertise can be found within a variety of available machine tools. Our consistently strong components with quiet operational capabilities are in high demand for presses, tooling centres, and trimmers that can take advtange of these upsides.


Public Works

HPI Canada has been supporting the public works industry for a number of years running. Many city construction personnel vehicles such as road rollers and excavators require hydraulic components in order to perform their assisgned task consistently. As work is constantly ongoing within the city, reliable operation is paramount. Our hydraulic gear motors are top quality in this regard, making us a great choice for public works. 


Road Maintainence

There is always road maintainence work to be done, and so these machines are consistently in operation. Considering they are often called in to handle weather emergencies as well, it's imperative the job is done right the first time. That's where HPI motors play a huge role, providing the consistent & reliable power source these road sweeping machines and garbage dumpers rely on.