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At HPI Canada, we take great pride in our commitment to quality, ensuring that you’re completely satisfied with our hydraulic solutions. For over 35 years, our company has been working with partners throughout North America in order to provide you with the very best in hydraulic components.

Quality is at the forefront when manufacturing each and every one of our products.

With such a wide selection of products, ranging from power packs to pumps and motors, we’ve made sure that each and every one of our products deliver the unmatched performance that we have strived to achieve.

Whether you need some of the most versatile pumps on the market, power packs that can serve a number of different applications, or hydraulic gear motors that can suit your specific needs, we have you covered!

We understand how vital our products are to a number of industries, including the aeronautics, transportation, agriculture, healthcare, and material handling industries – to name a few. It’s for this reason that we’ve dedicated ourselves to manufacturing a variety of products that are as resourceful as they are powerful – ensuring that our products can provide the perfect solutions for your operations.