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Replacement Parts

We offer a wide selection of hydraulic replacement parts for all sizes and complexities of systems. Our long history of hydraulic expertise and our commitment to providing the best service possible means you will never be misled by our products.

Looking for Hydraulic Replacement Parts?

One of the most important features of your hydraulic system is reliability. It's essential that you only utilize the highest quality parts within your existing hydraulic system, as a faulty replacement could result in even further damage down the line. We have worked hard for many years to become experts in the hydraulic industry and we pass on that knowledge into a large variety of replacement parts. If we sell a particular hydraulic machine, we are guaranteed to carry the parts necessary for you to upgrade functionality or replace aged parts. 

We don't just re-sell you parts that we've acquired elsewhere. All of our parts are produced and inspected within our facilities and undergo the same modern production techniques as our complete systems. You are choosing to purchase your hydraulic replacement parts from us because you value our expertise and long history of quality production. We have taken years refining our production and innovation processes to reach the standard we maintain today to ensure our products never disappoint. 

Most of are popular products & stock are immediately available for purchase, and if you contact us we may have additional options available to match the requirements of your existing hydraulic operation. No matter your industry or size of operation, there is something HPI Canada can do to increase the profitability and reliability of your product, and thus make your business stronger.

Please consult our technical brochure for more information on what specific parts we have available, or feel free to contact us with any inquiries.